HIMIT S4E1 Sharon Sananda Kumara

 [00:00:00] and I see my physical body in the road and I’m thinking, I know that I just died. I died.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: And I’m thinking, Oh gosh, this is. Really going to ruin the day for my friends because we had such an amazing day. We had a great day We had so much fun and here and I’m thinking and here I go and die on them

Kristin Taylor: Hello, and welcome to How I Made It Through. This is Episode 1 of Season 4, where we are doing a very deep dive into NDE’s near death experiences. And I’m so thrilled that our first guest is Sharon Sananda Kumara. Now, Sharon remembered her unique gifts and abilities after her [00:01:00]second, not just one, but two, her second near death experience in 2001.

She has a successful practice as a psychic medium, channel, spiritual counselor, and hypnotherapist specializing in past life therapy and contactee memory recovery. Sharon is the founder of the Kumara Academy of Transformation, facilitating various metaphysical classes and offerings. Welcome, Sharon.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Well, thank you, Kristen. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be here.

Kristin Taylor: It’s, I was really looking forward to this. So I’ve heard your story on the next level, this next soul level. Podcast


Sharon Sananda Kumara: soul. Yes.

Kristin Taylor: Next Level Soul. Okay. Thank you. Next Level Soul with Alex and it is, wow, extraordinary. Before we dive into your, I’d love to dive into your second near death experience because that was [00:02:00] so vivid and it sounds like the one that was so transformational. You shared that you were a quiet child, a traumatized child, which I can connect to. Can you share a little bit about? Your childhood and who you were and are before we dive in.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Of course. I actually didn’t remember a lot of my childhood before my There was a lot of blank spaces which seemed to be most of it. My parents divorced when I was six. My sister and I, there was just the two of us. She’s a year and a half younger, so we were very close and I. Uh, we went to live with my grandparents when, uh, around when I was nine, eight, eight, I believe, eight, eight, around eight, somewhere around there.

And uh, that’s where a lot of things happened for me. That’s where the first NDE happened, [00:03:00]which I remember later, but there was so many blank spaces. I didn’t remember much at all, to be honest with you, little bits and pieces. But nothing like what I remembered after my NDA. I knew that there was something there that was causing me not to remember my childhood.

And it even gets, the rabbit hole gets deeper every day with me, with that part of my life. And, uh, because I, I work diligently with my guidance to, to help uncover anything I can. And, um. So, yeah, I didn’t remember a lot. We were raised Catholic. We, uh, with my grandmother, my parents were not good Catholics when, uh, and they were actually excommunicated because of the divorce.

But my grandmother was a staunch Catholic and. I used to fight her to go to church. We went to church every day except Saturday and I, and I, I feel bad, I felt bad. Now that [00:04:00] I remembered was, uh, running from her because she’s like, we have to go to church and I’m like, no, no, no, you have to catch me.

Kristin Taylor: Well, did you have any, so I hear the resistance to organize religion and going to church, but did you have, and this question may not be fair given that you just said that you don’t remember much and the rabbit hole is something you go down as you’re retrieving those memories, but, um, Is that your dog?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: was my dog.

Kristin Taylor: I thought I heard. Okay, it’s usually my dog, so I just wanted to check in. Um, so, did you, were you a spiritual child? Did you, because I know you’ve always had some abilities. Were you

Sharon Sananda Kumara: I did have psychic abilities. I do remember. Yes, that is true. And I do remember. And that’s basically pretty much all of the, my childhood I remember were those things that I was afraid of and didn’t talk about. Cause when I did talk about it, it was, it scared, I mostly talked to my mother and my [00:05:00] grandmother because my dad wasn’t around much.

And, um, and so, I remember seeing dead people. I saw my grandfather when he died in the house. And so that scared me. I saw him a couple nights later floating outside the house, looking in the window. At least that’s how I perceived it. And yeah, I woke up in there. I’m in bed and I’m wide awake and there he is.

And I also, uh, We have thoughts or dreams even and visions of future events. And so I, I guess I figured it was normal, but since I was such a traumatized child, I didn’t talk to anybody. I didn’t have friends in school. I was bullied in school. I, um, I was, um, overweight. Most of my life as a child and, uh, as a young child.

And so, yeah, there [00:06:00] was, I wouldn’t say it were my best years, but that’s okay. Yeah. There’s photographs of me as a child and I look really angry.

Kristin Taylor: Hmm.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Oh, well, thank

Kristin Taylor: like you. had reason to be.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: that’s, all right. It’s, um, it was part of the, part of the deal.

Kristin Taylor: Sure.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: I realize that

Kristin Taylor: Well,

you, we, we do realize that later, but at the time it doesn’t take away the anguish. It’s so hard to move through things like that. So because your NDE is as spectacular and intriguing as it is, if you would, will you set the stage and just tell your story?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Sure. Sure. The one in 2001 was, I was living in San Antonio, Texas, lived there 25 years. I love San Antonio. And my friend, my girlfriends and I went tubing down the river, the Guadalupe River. In New Braunfels, Texas, if anyone’s there to recognize, I’m sure [00:07:00] we’ll recognize that area. And we had a really good day.

There was five of us for a girlfriend’s birthday, and we went at the end of the day. We stood in line to get on the shuttle bus that takes us So we rented the inner tubes and they take us to one part of the river and then pick us up. And we float down the river and they pick us up and bring us back to the, um, the shuttle parking lot so we can get our cars and load up.

And so we waited for the bus to pick us up and it was one of those little school buses that doesn’t carry a lot of people, 15 I think max. And it was an old bus. And so. I’m the first one in line with my, um, friends and I start to get on the bus when it pulls up and opens the doors and I see that the bus is full and something tells me, uh, or I just, I’m like, well, I don’t, I can’t get on this bus.

It’s full. [00:08:00] But there, the people in the bus are saying, come on, come on, you can stand in the, in the aisle way. And I still feel like I still turn around, but people are behind me and they’re saying, get on, get on. So. I do. And I’m back, uh, my back is up against, not against it, but I’m the one that’s, um, the first one in front of the exit door, the emergency exit door.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah, in the back.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: And as he’s driving down the road, it’s a stick shift. So as he’s driving down the road, we’re being jerked back and forth. And at one point he’s leaving a, a, um, street light. And I think his second or third gear between second and third. He jerks really bad and, and I am knocked up against the back door, the exit door, emergency exit door.

And I fall out of the bus and I remember thinking, I can’t believe I’m falling out of this bus. And I land on the, the [00:09:00] trailer hitch on my back and I bounce off of that onto the pavement. And it was probably a hundred and five degrees out somewhere around there and I bounce onto the pavement. I, um, then I bounce onto my side and I’m underneath the trailer because he is pulling a trailer.

It has our ice chests and our inner tubes in it. There was probably 20 people on the bus, maybe or more. More because we packed on some, you know, more than 20 more than the capacity. And, uh, so the trailer was carrying all their things and all our things. So at one point where I’m on the pavement on my side, I pick up my hands to protect my head and I even say in my mind, I yell out in my mind as loud as I can, Stop!

You’re killing me. And as soon as I said that, the tire of the trailer ran over my [00:10:00] neck and my head. And that’s when I popped out of my body and I’m looking down and I’m up, I’m out of my body and I’m looking down and I see my physical body in the road and I’m thinking, I know that I just died. I died.

And I, and you know, these thoughts and I’m thinking, Oh gosh, this is. Really going to ruin the day for my friends because we had such an amazing day. We had a great day We had so much fun and here and I’m thinking and here I go and die on them That’s what I was thinking here. I go and ruin the day by dying on them Because I was thinking that she’s not gonna enjoy her birthday anymore that kind of thing Yeah, yeah, and I didn’t have any attachment to my [00:11:00] body.

I was just looking at it from You know, a non attachment perspective. And I see, and as I’m looking, I see a, um, traffic, the bus is still going. He’s still driving. Um, he didn’t know that I had fallen out yet as I’m watching and, um, and I see the traffic coming and I’m laying in the road and I see, uh, a big bus, one of those commuter buses.

Driving up toward my body and I think , oh, I hope we, that bus doesn’t run over my body. ’cause that would make a mess. Not that it would hurt or that, you know, I would feel the pain or anything, or kill me or whatever. ’cause I was, I knew I was dead because I’d done it before. Many times we’ve done, we’ve died many times before.

Is it Was that it would make a mess. I was thinking that would make a big mess.

Kristin Taylor: that is

incredible. But you

still thought of it as my body, not the body. It was still your body.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: it was. Well, no, it [00:12:00] was, I didn’t feel an attachment. I wouldn’t say my body as much as a body, the body I use, like you’re looking at a car that that type of thing, it’s your car because it was your vehicle. But I didn’t feel like it was, I didn’t feel that I wasn’t thinking it’s going to hurt.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: It was, I

Kristin Taylor: are people just,

yeah, I was going to say, are people just screaming their heads off to the bus driver like a lady just fell out and is on the road? Did they not

Sharon Sananda Kumara: My friends told me that I didn’t go, I didn’t have the awareness of what was going on in the bus. I was just looking at my body in that scene right there, but my friends did tell me that they screamed at him when he, um, and it took him a minute to, or however long it took for him to stop. Yeah. He stopped maybe a, if I remember correctly, a block or two up the road.

Yeah. And, um, and he actually went around the block and came back.

Kristin Taylor: [00:13:00] Okay. But you’re popped out of your body, so continue.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Okay. So these thoughts are going through my head and I’ve taken to, um, the, my boyfriend at the time. Um, and how it’s going to affect him. And I see him sitting there and he’s holding his head and his hands, um, hearing the news type of thing.

And he’s upset and I think, well, he’s, and I get the impression and I think he’s going to be fine though. He’ll be fine. Okay. Then I think about my sister and her family and she has a family and so we’re really close and I think, well, that’ll, That’ll be, um, you know, it’ll be hard for her, but I see her family surrounding her, supporting her.

And I, I know that would happen. So I’m seeing, I guess you could say, that timeline. And then I think about my mom, who lived down the road from me, and who I sort of took care of. And when I think about my mom, I feel a presence. It’s behind me [00:14:00] and to the right. And I turn around and it’s my, uh, my stepfather who had died in 98 who I was really close to.

And, um, and that’s kind of when things started for me in 98 when he died is really when things started, um, opening up for me. Uh, so he’s there and I turn and I’m really happy to see him cause I missed him. And he says to me, it’s not your time. And I’m like, what do you mean? What do you mean? I’m here. And he’s, he says, it’s not your time.

He keeps telling me that. And I get the impression also from him that, uh, And this is a conversation that I had later with, um, my guides and that I, um, there’s things I still need to do that my mom still needs me to, uh, which [00:15:00] she passed a year and a half later. But, um, so he’s communicating that to me and as he’s communicating that to me and I’m arguing a little bit, I see another portal.

I feel the presence. I notice a portal open up again to my right and I turn and it’s a tunnel opening up and I notice that they’re my ancestors are there projecting themselves. I guess. I don’t know, but I noticed them. I noticed my, uh, my grandparents. And my ancestors from this life within that tunnel and also notice ancestors from lifetimes that I wouldn’t have, you know, I wouldn’t recognize them here, but I know that they are my ancestors.

They’re part of my soul group. And so I see them, but I noticed that they’re not really welcoming me home. And I’m like, Okay, something’s up. All right. So I’m starting to, [00:16:00] starting to feel like, all right. Uh, my dad says it’s not my time. They’re kind of got this look on their face, like it’s not my time. And then I, and then as I’m contemplating that and I’m drawn to it, I see a, another portal open up in the distance beyond that portal.

And it looks like the sun, this portal is golden white. And it’s so, it’s really bright. It looks like I’m looking at the sun, but it doesn’t hurt my eyes. And I’m not even thinking about this tunnel. I’m drawn to that portal, that sun. And as I notice it, I see a figure walk out of that.

And I, and he’s, I noticed he’s male and he’s wearing a white robe and I recognize him pretty much [00:17:00] immediately as, as Jesus, who I call Yeshua and, uh, and he’s coming, well, moving toward me. And as soon as I recognize him, I fly to him. I just fly. And we embrace because I knew at that point that I missed him really, really badly, even though I was not a good Catholic, but that doesn’t make any difference because I,

Kristin Taylor: No. Yeah. Yeah.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: So he’s there and he’s embracing me and smiling huge. Um, he’s got this amazing smile with his eyes, with his face, with everything, with his whole being smiling at me. And, um, and he tells me, it’s not your time

and, uh, and I’m arguing with him too. I’m saying, but I want to stay with you. I want to be here. I, you know, I felt, [00:18:00] I didn’t know that I still had a, we don’t know until we’re shown or told, right. That we still have things we need to do. So I felt like I had, I’m like, but I’m done, I’m done, you know, I’m done.

And he said, no, you have, you have lots still left to do. And he also told me I didn’t have time to, and this wasn’t in words, this was in impressions and intuition and that kind of thing. And telepathically he said, I didn’t have time to reincarnate. and start over.

Kristin Taylor: Okay. So Sharon, can I ask you a question?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Of course.

Kristin Taylor: What does Jesus look like

Sharon Sananda Kumara: To me. Okay. So everyone, I believe that he shows himself to everyone how they, um, can, uh, recognize them. Yeah. To me, he was, uh, he was, he looked at Mediterranean, but he was light [00:19:00] skinned. Okay. He had a hair about down to here, the long hair. They’re gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Now I know why I’ve always been attracted to men that look like him.

Kristin Taylor: So you’re going to say gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Where are you going to say eyes?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Eyes. Yes, yes. Everything about him is gorgeous, but his eyes are just hold all the love of the universe, all the love you can imagine.

Kristin Taylor: Wow.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: of it. Yeah. The light and love of the universe. Yeah.

Kristin Taylor: What color are his eyes?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: To me, they were blue. Yeah. They looked blue to me and I believe also my eyes are blue. So I believe that sometimes they reflect what we are light and our likeness. Okay. Which I, um, understand, understood later. And as I work with them, but, um, they look, yeah, they appeared blue to me and they appeared[00:20:00]

beautiful, deep blue. Yeah. Beautiful blue.

Kristin Taylor: hmm.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: The thing that I, um, took with me that I remember the most were his, his eyes, of course, his smile, mom, but also his laugh. Because when I told him I didn’t want to leave and come back, he, he laughed, he chuckled and laughed with me. And that was like music to my ears just to hear him.

It was music to my ears just to hear his laughter.

Kristin Taylor: I just keep getting chills. That’s so


Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yeah.

Kristin Taylor: felt like that was worthy of pause, but continue

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Oh, yes, yes, of course. Feel free to interrupt me at any time. Um, so, he’s, we are, uh, communicating in that way. At some point, while… I’m in his arms. We start to merge. [00:21:00] I feel that I’m being sub, uh, merged in light, in his light. And it’s so hard to describe, but I am filled with so much, even more joy, if you can imagine than being just embraced by him in a physical manner, but filled with his, with light, the light of God’s light, the light of the universe, whatever you want to call it, as much as I could handle and.

Even though I’m not in the physical body, um, I know that I could probably only handle so much of it, right? Because I still have my consciousness with me that from, from that life and he, I believe that as we were merging and I felt that immense love and support and I knew that everything that I could have and would have done in my lifetime would be would not get in the way of [00:22:00] his love for me ever, ever, ever, any, any thoughts, any worries, anything like that would, none of that, all of that went away.

Kristin Taylor: Mm

Sharon Sananda Kumara: I believe that that’s what healed me when I did go back that there, I was the beginning of it, I’m sure. But I’m being in that space. That’s how he healed my body. So, um, at some point. I could have been there for an eternity. I don’t know. Probably still. We, we still are, aren’t we? And

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Well, part of us, right? We only bring a part of us to Earth School. Yeah,

Sharon Sananda Kumara: yeah, it, at some point he, um, when we’re, we come out of the merging, he asked me if I would like to go on a journey with him and, um, and I said, yes, of

Kristin Taylor: You lucky dog.


Sharon Sananda Kumara: we all have access. And, uh, and [00:23:00] so he puts his hand out. And I take his hand and I described this a lot is, um, where I took his hand, it was so intense the, the way his hand felt the, um, I, I say that here in this physical realm where our senses, our senses are like wearing gloves over our senses here compared to there, like wearing a big glove because it’s just not intense.

Like it is. And I could feel every line in his hand and every crevice. And, you know, I, uh, yeah. People have asked me about that. Well, why would Jesus have lines in his hand? Well, he was showing himself to me in that manner and you know, maybe it’s mirroring my hand. I don’t know I just know it was intense and I and I my intuition was and what I got from him was it was his hand And I was feeling every crevice in line in it.

It was super intense. Everything was in everything was so intense [00:24:00] Every little thing so he takes my hand and as soon as he does and all this is happening pretty much at the same time We’re flying through the cosmos Or the cosmos is moving through us, who knows, right,

Kristin Taylor: yeah.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: right, yeah, and I see what I assume are stars and planets just flying by, and then I see a bright light, a brighter light off in the distance, and I feel focused on that, and he’s um, intuiting to me to focus on it, so I do, and it’s um, and as we move toward it, it’s this blue light, blue, and it’s a portal, and we move through the portal.

And then when we come out of the portal, I see a planet that’s this beautiful turquoise blue.

Kristin Taylor: Kind of like what you’re wearing?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yeah. Yeah. Kind of like that. Yeah. This is Yeshua in Hebrew.

Kristin Taylor: [00:25:00] Oh, okay. Oh,

Sharon Sananda Kumara: and so we moved down toward that planet and I recognize the planet as a water world. I can see it’s a water world and I recognize the planet as somewhere I’ve been and it feels very familiar.

And as we’re hovering above the planet. He’s working with me and helping me understand this from moving beyond my sharing perspective. Okay, and opening up my awareness to these memories. And as we’re hovering above the planet, I connect, he helps me connect with the soul of the planet herself, and I felt female, that type of energy, and the [00:26:00] mother. And so I connected with the mother soul of that planet. And the planet is her body. And as I’m connecting with her, I’m in, in her awareness as much as I can. And I have so much love and feel so much care for every single being sent any, any, any life on the planet, which the whole planet is alive, of course, but I have so much love and care so much for every, every single thing on the planet, on my body.

As the planet, which is she considered everything on her body is her. And so I, I have so much love for everything. And I, and also he helped me realize that I can move. Which I did move my consciousness from the hole, which is [00:27:00] her, to down to any, any, um, focus in on any being on the planet, whether it be a aquatic being, which is what I found, uh, but, um, human like being or an amoeba, anything.

I can move my consciousness in and out that way and experience, have that experience. Through that the eyes of that to being

so as I was finished with that teaching He moves me. Yeah

Kristin Taylor: Well, wait, I want to pause there. I want to pause there. So the story I tell myself when you share your story about this planet is that you have had a life or lives there. It was like home for you in a different incarnation. And did you [00:28:00] visit family or like, say a little bit more because it’s,

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yes.

Kristin Taylor: just extraordinary.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yes. As, um, and it, I do, um, feel like that is home and he, he did tell me after we went down there because we moved down toward the planet and, and that’s when he was communicating with me that I do have a family here. I do have a life here in it and, um, I don’t see it as an incarnation, but rather a, another reality, uh, whether it be parallel or in a higher dimension, another dimension is what it is.

That’s what I’ve seen. I understand. And so a more finer, subtle dimension, but we’re still very physical in that dimension. Yeah.

Kristin Taylor: you see what the physical beings looked like as these aquatic beings are swimming? I’m going to use the word swimming because I don’t know any other word to use.


you see what they look like and what

you looked

Sharon Sananda Kumara: I saw my family and I also, um, saw dolphin [00:29:00] and, and, uh, dolphin beans as well were there. And it’s, um, so I saw my family as, as we go into the, we move into the ocean, the ocean area and it has land under the water cause there’s a cave that I was taken to. And then I was reunited with my mate.

And, because I have a mate there, uh, and we lived for a very long time in those bodies when I understood. And so I’m getting all these intuits as I’m there and all these memories and I have children and I’m reunited with my children. So my consciousness is brought into that part of me that’s there. It’s already there.

And they knew that I, they, they knew that I had, was there to see this life from my earth. Life perspective

Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm.


Sharon Sananda Kumara: and they were so happy when I cry, they were so happy to see [00:30:00]me as that part of myself being aware of that part of

Kristin Taylor: You’re a

part of yourself. And so what did you look like and what did they look like?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: We, uh, we were human looking human. Uh, we did have the, um, uh, I mean, not a lot different than what we call mer beings. Okay. Or mermaid, that kind of thing. So yeah, not a lot different. But our, um, everyone had a different. Color of their, um, their lower body with their, what you call their scales in our, in that I was, I saw myself as bright green and my mate was more of a dark cobalt blue.

And, uh, yeah, and we’re pretty, we’re gorgeous and, and very, very, very fit. I will say that I was, I mean, I am, [00:31:00] I can’t believe how strong I am. Oh my gosh. Look at this. So,

Kristin Taylor: That would be


Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yeah. And our skin was, um, different just like we are here. Different colors and different, um, uh, yeah. Different colors. The colors, they’re just, they’re very different than here.

Uh, so they’re hard to describe, but, but we had different skin colors like we do here.

Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: features like we do here. Uh, we, um, my skin was a. If I remember it was a, uh, almost like a ivory color,

Kristin Taylor: Okay.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: is what I, it was very light colored and um, um, I have dark hair and we have hair too. Some of, some of us, not all of us, um, I did see more reptile aquatics as well.

Type. [00:32:00] Okay. Um, and I’ve seen myself in that body too, in different experiences in my out of body travels, which is a whole different story, but, uh, lots of stories here.

Kristin Taylor: You have lots of

stories. We need like five hours.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: definitely.

Kristin Taylor: Buckle up.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yeah.

Kristin Taylor: okay. I want you to move

on, but before

you do, because you’ve had these experiences that are so, I’ll just call them heart centered, love centered, with this family that you are reunited with, and you know, you’re saying it’s bringing you tears. in this life on earth. Were you drawn to water? Has that always been something that has been part of your, like, I don’t know why, I’ve just always loved the water. You know, some people have that.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Oh, yes. I live on the water now. Yeah. I’m always drawn to the ocean. Always drawn to water. I live on a river, but, um, always wanted to be in the water, swim. Always wanted to swim. Um, I actually collected [00:33:00] mermaids and dolphins most of my life. Yeah. My house was full of them.

Kristin Taylor: Well, that’s why I was curious. So that is, to me, such validation. You know, that part of you is still

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Right. Still active. Mm hmm.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. So, so continue. So you have this little tour and reunion, so to speak, and, and then what happened? Good.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: And then, okay, let me, let me put this in linear time, how I understand it. Now I don’t, I don’t know how long my awareness was there in the, in the aquatic world. Okay. Now he did Yeshua, um, when I, we came back together above or away from the planet when He did tell me that I can go there anytime in my [00:34:00] Meditations or in my mind I can travel there anytime.

Yeah Because he knew that that would be really emotional for me And I did travel there quite a bit after I came back in my meditations and it got so Intensely emotional for me and I didn’t want to come back. They’d have to keep pulling me back to my body. So I, um, I stopped doing it as much. I would even start making sounds like a siren sound, just all of a sudden out of nowhere just these sounds would come out of me when I get so deep in meditation.

But it’s a I told him, I remember this very clearly. I told him, all right, I’ll go back, I’ll make a deal with you.

I have to, I want to be conscious and aware of you, you, your presence in my life. With me that you walk with me, that you’re right [00:35:00] there next to me throughout my life, through, you know, through my life and you, um, and that I know, ’cause I know he’s there anyway. But, and I know that, so that was the deal. He said deal.

And uh, and then I, um, it happened that, I mean, I didn’t remember any of it right away, but then I’m back in my body.

Kristin Taylor: okay, so you go back into your body, which I’m sure is a rude awakening, especially after where you’ve been. How painful was that?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Well, I didn’t remember it. I didn’t remember what just happened, but I did, but I was in panic mode. Okay.

Kristin Taylor: You were in panic

Sharon Sananda Kumara: I was in, I was in panic mode. So I jumped up, I was running around. Running

Kristin Taylor: jumped

up and ran around

Sharon Sananda Kumara: I jumped up. I saw the bus coming toward me from [00:36:00] the ground. Yeah,

Kristin Taylor: you’ve got adrenaline just coursing through you.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: yeah, and I jump up, I run to the side, I’m running, I’m running back and forth.

My friends at that point are, jump off the bus, they’re coming to help me, and an ambulance is called, and I, uh, I’m taken to the hospital. They put me on a, one of those, um, spine boards and they x ray me. My hair’s falling out because of the, the tire tracks. They teased me at the, at the hospital that had tire tracks across my head, but, um, when they saw that I didn’t have a concussion, nothing was broken, I mean, I, I still have Back issues and neck issues and things like that and nerve damage, but, um, that I have to maintain and work through, but yeah.

It was, uh, quite the miracle.

Kristin Taylor: Well, the miracle, referring back to what you said, [00:37:00] that he had healed you.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yes.

Kristin Taylor: Yes. Mm hmm.


Sharon Sananda Kumara: I totally believe

Kristin Taylor: So, how, how long did it take you to remember your ND

Sharon Sananda Kumara: It, it took, uh, it came in increments. Uh, I was already traveling out of my body about that time when my stepfather passed in 98. I, um, I started having sleep paralysis episodes.

Kristin Taylor: So many times.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yeah, they can be scary if you don’t know what it is, but yeah, and I thought I was dying I didn’t understand it and because I was green at that point. I didn’t I was asleep I didn’t know what the heck was going on. I just knew I missed my dad

Kristin Taylor: Mm.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yeah, and so so I started having sleep paralysis having these scary And then I came across something on the web, on a website.

This is in 98, mind you, uh, around 99 cause he died in September around there. And, um, [00:38:00]something about out of body experiences and. Sleep paralysis, which I didn’t even know what it was called and the correlation between the two that you can, you can have an out of body experience as long as you control the sleep paralysis state and what it was actually.

And uh, and that it’s a good way out of body experiences are a good way to find your loved ones. So I started.

Kristin Taylor: across the veil.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yes, they’re departed on the other side and more, right? So I started reading everything. I’d get my hands on, on out of

Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: and 20 years later I’ve journaled over probably 25, 3000, uh, out of body conscious out of body experiences.

But I, I’m a big reader. So when my dad died, my sister gave me the book, um, we don’t die by George Anderson. And I started delving into something that made sense to me

Kristin Taylor: Mm

Sharon Sananda Kumara: because I couldn’t believe that [00:39:00] my, my stepfather was, didn’t still exist in some way. Cause I saw him, I actually saw him after he died. He,

Kristin Taylor: him after he died.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: I saw him after he

Kristin Taylor: to write down.

We don’t,

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yeah, sure.

Kristin Taylor: You saw him after he died. Okay, so, you saw him after he died. Did he have a message for you?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Well, what happened was he died that the day before that night. The day before, the day before, and I’m laying on the sofa at my dad’s, my mom’s house, mom and dad’s place, and I’m just resting and I see my dad walking out of the bedroom toward me. And I knew he had passed, and I’m confused, and I’m thinking, Dad, I even say, Dad, what are you, you know, what What?

Wait a

Kristin Taylor: so

confusing. Yeah.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: And he’s not seeing me, he’s not looking at me. He’s looking past me and he’s, and I hear him say, how the heck hell, how the heck do I get out of here?[00:40:00]

Kristin Taylor: Oh my goodness. So he’s kind of getting his sea legs,

so to speak.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Yes. And he walks and he walks past me almost through me, walks that way and he’s looking past me and he walks that way and I’m pretty sure he saw the tunnel because he walked, he’s walking that way. And, uh, and then I don’t see him. Yeah. So, that’s. That was pretty

Kristin Taylor: Okay. So so many questions. So first of all, um, you and I know what sleep paralysis is because we’ve experienced it. Can you just take a moment to explain what it is, please?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Sure. What I understand is there’s a mechanism in the body, a physiological mechanism that puts our body in a paralysis state when we’re in our, in the dream. Time in the REM sleep or in that dream time, so we don’t act out our dreams. [00:41:00] Yeah, and when we wake up during that sleep paralysis state, we, uh, We can’t move.

We can’t talk. You know, we try to scream out. We can’t, we just, you’re paralyzed basically and it can feel like there’s someone in the room with you. It can feel like someone’s pressing on your chest. I felt, I thought somebody was sitting on the bed and what I understand is What, um, when we wake up in that state, we are, our consciousness or astral body, whatever you want to call it, has already left the physical sense, uh, senses of our physical body already left or is already coming back in.

So we don’t understand the, and of course the lower mind will automatically go towards scary things. Yeah, so it feels like a pressure and, um, but it’s the perfect state that you can use and utilize to, to consciously attain the out of body state.

Kristin Taylor: Like the [00:42:00] astral travel.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Astral travel. Yes.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Yeah. I’ve done that a couple of times. Nowhere near as many times as you.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: I’m obsessed, but I did find my dad.

Kristin Taylor: you did find your dad.

You did find your

dad. Okay, so why do you think, because some people clinically die, and they don’t remember what happened, and you did it twice, and I’m about to ask you about your first, which wasn’t quite as vivid, and you didn’t remember quite as quickly. do you think you, Sharon, in this earthly incarnation? We’re able to remember, and how does that connect if you connect to this with a soul blueprint or contract? What are you here to do and how is this connected? Okay.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: question, the answer to that question, you [00:43:00] know, why my soul, why, you know, except for the fact that I’m very, um, stubborn and I’m very determined. I’m a determined soul. I’ll tell you that. Uh, but. I believe the head injury I had, um, may have contributed to my, my remembering things.

Cause I’ve heard of a lot of people that have had head injuries and you may have noticed this in your, uh, interviews and in your research and things that seems like when people have head injuries, something opens up for them. Okay. Um, And I, um, I am very dedicated, I was very dedicated and still am with working with Yeshua every day once I started remembering my experiences and, uh, my experience with Him.

I was very dedicated. So I sat in meditation every single day for at least an hour with him [00:44:00] and he opened up things with me and helped me remember. And I believe I did have a life review. I just didn’t remember it until he started showing it to me in the aftermath. Cause I’m, um, I’ve recorded all that.

And so I’m compiling all that now. And, um, and it makes so much sense now. You know how. And if you journal, things are just kind of random until you start putting the pieces together. Yeah. So, um, I believe that, uh, my soul made that choice to remember everything. And that’s why he said, you don’t have time to reincarnate and come back and start over because I had made that choice to clear my slate basically.

Kristin Taylor: Okay. I know I just said I’m going to ask you about the first NDE, but you just said a couple of things that I want to dive into. And so you’re in communication with Yeshua, and He’s teaching you things [00:45:00] that I’m sure a lot of humanity can benefit from hearing. What are some of the things that He is teaching you that you would like to share?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Oh gosh. Um, well, the first thing that he taught me is that we are love. That was my mantra. He gave me that mantra. I am love. Yeah. And, uh, there was so much that he taught that was not, um, that was taken out of, out of, uh, his, you know, the texts of his teachings and all the, the books and everything like that, that were written about his teachings that, um, I believe it’s coming back to us now.

I believe that we are the second coming. Uh, and so he’s helping us find the Christ within us. And it’s all about. Finding the Christ did part of us. It’s not about him. It’s about he can help us. He’s the way, the path to finding the Christ did part of us. If, if anyone wants, [00:46:00] you know, his, um, that connection with him

Kristin Taylor: Mm

Sharon Sananda Kumara: because he is very present.

And so.

Kristin Taylor: hmm. Mm

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Um,

Kristin Taylor: hmm. Mm

Sharon Sananda Kumara: he’s taught me personal on a personal level to work through my fears. I had tons of fears. I could barely leave my house at times. I had panic and anxiety. And so he’s taught me to work through that. Uh, you know, 20 years ago, there’s no way I could do anything like this. I couldn’t talk about any of this stuff or even form a coherent sentence about it basically.

Yeah. Cause it’s like, I don’t believe I don’t, I don’t understand it. This doesn’t make any sense. What is going on? Um, as a memory started coming through. I mean, it covered lots of things all the way back to galactic wars, to Atlantis, to reptilians in my room, to, uh, working with, um, all kinds of extraterrestrials.

That’s another rabbit hole. It all came through and, um, I knew [00:47:00] why I couldn’t remember it, that my higher self was very kind and he was very kind that I didn’t remember it all at the same, all at once

Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm. You

Sharon Sananda Kumara: I needed to heal my body first.

Kristin Taylor: need to heal your body. And so, reptilians in your room, and Atlantis, so I’m going to go towards the more mundane because I think people can relate to this more, and I just said I’ve struggled with panic attacks and anxiety throughout my life, so it’s, it is, um, suffering. What did he teach you about anxiety or fear that might be beneficial for the rest of us?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: What he taught me was to stay with it, which is hard to stay with it. also that he is there with me. He’s there holding my hand to stay with it. Get through it, and then when you’re on the other side of it, it gets better and better.[00:48:00]

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: many times when I was sitting in my bed going through panic and anxiety where I feel him just wrapping his arms around me, sitting behind me, wrapping his arms around me, telling me I’m right here.

I’m right here, and I, and I’m going through all the, you know, the dark. And, uh, and so yeah,

Kristin Taylor: Mm hmm. Yeah.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: he taught me that, which was really, really saved my life. He saved my life.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Yeah. Well, the, you know, the title of my show, How I Made It Through, is about that. You

know, feeling our feelings,

not running. Do you know why? This is a big question, and he may or may not have shared this with you, um, and everything I’m asking is a big question, but what is, why do we have these feelings?

What is the point? Is there any light you can shed on that?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: What I [00:49:00] understand is that when we have anxiety and panic, it’s because there’s something that we haven’t dealt with and it’s coming to the surface and we just don’t understand it. We don’t know how to deal with it. We want it because, because these, This emotional, I call it emotional baggage, you know, from traumas and other lives as well as our current life, which leads to our current life is, has not been healed.

And cause we are good at repressing in our society, we don’t deal with things. Yeah. At the time. And so. That’s what he helped me realize was, um, all these memories are coming up, all, um, that need to be dealt with. And that’s why he said, just, just sit with it. Sit with it. It’s not real. It’s not. First of all, it’s a memory.

It’s not real. Okay. You’re not there. You’re not there.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: just relive it. Cause I was reliving basically in my mind and, uh, I [00:50:00] could, had the smells, I had the feelings of it and things like that.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah, these flashbacks in this post trauma, but even bigger. So I understand sort of in a sentient, human way, the lessons of healing our trauma, but Why do our souls come to a planet where there is so much trauma? Is there anything that he has shared about that?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: What I understand is that we chose, our souls chose and everyone’s different, but, uh, the bulk of our, our souls people here chose to experience what we have not experienced, which would be the, the other side of the spectrum. We come from the source, the higher, higher frequency planes where we experience love and light all the time.

That’s who we are, right? It’s not. Not basically what [00:51:00] where we are is who we are and so we chose to drop down in frequency into the lower realms To experience an opposite the opposites of because we are in a realm of duality in a universe of duality and so that’s that was the challenge and it seems that the The more challenge we choose the more soul growth we have Normally as long as we learn and forgive it’s all about forgiveness, right?

And so and and move forward from that And be able to, be able to, uh, work through it.

Kristin Taylor: And then it’s like those experiences and ideally those lessons and healings return to source.

Return to the,

right? Am I


Sharon Sananda Kumara: Since we are express, God expressing, [00:52:00] we are…

Kristin Taylor: mm hmm.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Uh, source expressing through our physical, uh, vehicles, our bodies, these are our communication devices. This is what he, what he calls it. And

Kristin Taylor: I love

that. Communication


Uh huh. so I think that’s

Sharon Sananda Kumara: we’re, the idea is to bring every experience there is to experience in this realm on this planet, back to source, back into the, what I call the oversoul or the higher part of us and bring that in.

And if we, yeah. And if, if we’re. Uh, if we haven’t brought that experience, if there’s some part of that experience that is traumatized of our, you know, you’ve heard of, you’ve probably, I’m sure you know about fragmented parts of us, fragmented pieces of soul. So that part has not been brought into the whole because it’s fragmented and that’s the work he taught me how to do.

And I had to do that on myself first and then, um, help others because we used to know how to do this ourselves. So we just forgot and, uh, yeah. So bringing those fragmented parts. [00:53:00] It’s in the whole. It makes us more whole, of course, it’s like bringing pieces of the puzzle into our soul. And uh, and then we can move on to another experience.

Kristin Taylor: Okay. Okay. So I’m looking at the clock and I realized like an hour’s almost gone by. It goes by so very, very quickly. I haven’t even asked you about the first near death experience because I want to make sure you have such tremendous insight and experience and wisdom. And you say I’m stubborn and you know, you are.

committed to learning and sharing and helping others heal. Can you share a little bit or a lot a bit about the work you do and how people can connect with you?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Of course. Thank you. Thank you, Kristen. Yes. Well, I, um, I do psychic mediumship work. Um, is how it started out and, uh, um, specializing in past life. Uh, therapy, soul retrieval, I guess is what you would call it, healing the fragmented parts of us, um, getting, [00:54:00]stepping off the karmic wheel, so to speak, and, uh, just clearing karmic programs.

Cause we, I’ve learned that we all come in with karmic programs and so clearing that to find our, our true self, my work is all about finding our true self and helping people realize their, their own gifts and abilities that they have brought onto the planet. And, um, so that they can, we can all clear the way.

with it, you know, peel away the layers so that we can remember our true self and, and what we are here to, um, where our gifts are to be of service to humanity. And I love what I do. And I also have an academy where I teach metaphysical courses as well.

Kristin Taylor: That’s so amazing.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Cool stuff.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah. Cool. Cool. It’s an understatement. Um, I’m going to ask you how people can get in touch with you and then I have one final question. So share how people can find you.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Of course. Yes. Um, my website is Sharon Sananda, S A N A N D A [00:55:00] dot com. That’s S H A R O N S A N A N D A dot com.

Kristin Taylor: Great, great. And so with all that you have learned and when you look at where humanity is today, what do you wish more people understood?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: We’re here to love each other. We’re here to be tolerant of each other and love each other and, and understand that we all, we’re all different in our personalities and in our likes and dislikes, but we’re still the same underneath. We just want to. We just want to be loved. We want to love others and we want to find our way back home and that’s to the heart.

Yeah. And so everything’s going to be okay. Just, um, try to be your true self as much as possible. Don’t worry what people think [00:56:00] about you because in the end, I think when we look back at our lives and I think I know when we look back at our lives, you know, our, our soul is going to say, okay, how did I, positive way did I affect?

People on the planet and it’s, and it’s about people and, um, and who we are as a person. It can be just one little thing. Smile at people as you go through your day.

Kristin Taylor: Yeah, I love that. I love that so much. It’s, it’s those little things. It’s funny. I was, um. I was at Safeway the day before Thanksgiving and it was so crowded and a woman was coming with her cart one way and I was coming the other way. And there was a guy who was stalking, so stalking, not stalking, but stalking like cans. And um, and just instinctually there was this display [00:57:00] case that was keeping her from walking towards me. So I just quickly moved it out of the way and she goes, she goes, do you work here? And I said, no, she goes. I really needed someone to be just nice to me today. Thank you. And I didn’t, it was not something I was like, I’m going to, but it touched me so much because I think all of us just want a moment where someone sees us, even if it’s in a minor struggle. And it was just like a wake up, like, how hard was that? It wasn’t hard at all.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: No,

Kristin Taylor: You know?

Sharon Sananda Kumara: That’s beautiful. I love that. It’s those little things that make all the difference.

Kristin Taylor: it’s teeny tiny little things obviously big things as well, but Sharon, thank you so much Remarkable, and I don’t think we can be reminded enough that we are here to love and to be a authentic self So I appreciate you so much.

Sharon Sananda Kumara: Oh, well, thank you, Kristen. It was an honor and thank you for the work you do. Yeah, you’re an angel, an angel on the planet.

Kristin Taylor: Thank you.

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