Irene Ortiz-Glass

In this episode, Irene Ortiz-Glass shares her personal story regarding her life changing journey through PMS, perimenopause, and eventually surgical menopause.
She battled both physically, emotionally and mentally.  Irene discusses the importance of understanding your body as a system, advocating for yourself and seeking the right lab testing support and information to heal.  She also highlights the importance of this integrated approach to healing focusing on mind, body and spirit.

Key Points:
1 Irene’s journey began with difficult periods, severe PMS, and hormonal imbalances that she was told required antidepressants to be managed.
2 This led her to seek help through many different doctors spending several thousands of dollars without any real answers.
3 After experiencing a significant trauma Irene’s hormonal imbalances worsened and she underwent a bilateral oophorectomy, the removal of both of her ovaries which pushed her into immediate surgical menopause.
4 Irene was left with extreme anxiety, severe bouts of depression and even suicidal thoughts.  At this point she held on to her deep faith in God, and made a decision to become her own advocate.  She became a certified hormone practitioner, took specialized lab tests to get to the root of her challenges and found healing.
5 Irene emphasizes the importance of the right testing and understanding your own unique body.  The journey of healing is not easy but with determination, faith and the right information it is possible to find balance.
Resources Mentioned:
• The Body Whispers Before It Screams – Irene’s upcoming book detailing her own journey through perimenopause, surgical menopause and the healing journey she embarked on.
• A website offering support, video series, and coaching for women going through perimenopause and menopause. See for more information and support.
• National Association of Menopause Specialists (NAMS): A group of women who specialize in hormones and menopause.
• Surgical Menopause Facebook Group: A community of women who have experienced surgical menopause, providing support and sharing information.

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